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You need experience to get a job. But you need a job to get experience. Contract work gives you both.

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Sometimes you need to get paid ASAP, or earn extra money for the summer or the holidays. Two words: contract work.

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Maybe you just need someone to give you a chance. Every week, we give hundreds of people a chance to work with great companies.

  • Tons of opportunities
  • Excellent benefits
  • Seasonal jobs
  • Flexible assignments
  • Awesome companies
  • Great experience
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Have you been out of the workforce? Contract work is your way back in.

So, you’ve taken a break from the workforce and you're ready to get back. You can take a contract job, prove yourself at a good company, earn a paycheque, get some benefits, and land more assignments through us.

Learn more about the advantages of contract work

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How do you get paid?

How do you get paid?

By direct deposit. You pick an account—chequing, savings or business—and your funds go into it like clockwork. Deposit day is usually on the Friday following the week that you worked.

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Use our resume builder tool to show employers that you’ve got the skills they want.

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