STEM careers are growing in demand

See why science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields — and job prospects — are on the rise.

STEM careers are growing in demand

Savvy companies know that they need the best talent to achieve growth. As a result, the war for the best and brightest STEM professionals is gaining momentum. Did you know that for every two available STEM jobs, there is only one qualified professional available? If you are one of them, or if you want to become one of them, then you could enjoy all of the benefits — great job security, competitive pay, growth potential — that today’s STEM careers offer.

Why are STEM jobs so hard to fill?

Employers seek out professionals with proven skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to drive innovation and get the most out of their investments. Unfortunately for them — and fortunately for you — it seems that most professionals in these areas are out of the job market and already working.

While the supply of available STEM talent is drying up, the market is flooded with available STEM jobs — and the situation is only going to get better for job seekers like you. Seventy-five percent of the fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. workforce today require significant mathematics or science skills. By 2018, the number of available STEM jobs is expected to grow significantly, specifically in fields that involve computers (growing by 51 percent), engineers and technicians (28 percent), life and physical sciences (13 percent) and architecture (6 percent). If you have these skills, you should expect to have your pick of great jobs.

New to STEM? Check out these STEM careers:

If you are interested in pursuing a STEM career, Forbes recently the 10 best-paying jobs for recent grads. Here are the positions that topped the list:

  • Petroleum engineer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Marine engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Computer and information research scientist

Get a STEM job today! If you are interested in changing STEM jobs or starting your new STEM career, we invite you to explore our job opportunities and apply today.

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