Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Engineering

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has drastically changed the way we live, play and work. As AI continues to grow and develop, it promises big changes for professionals within the engineering fields as their positions will adapt based on these technological advancements.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Engineering

The application of AI in engineering

Machine learning

Machine learning refers to algorithms that allow computer programs to do something they were not originally made to do. In other words, through machine learning, computers continue to be retrained to perform increasingly complex tasks without engineers having to redesign and manufacture new machines.


Increased automation will streamline routine and low-level project planning and design tasks, ultimately increasing efficiency and providing an opportunity for engineers to showcase their creativity.

Data analytics and data structuring

Artificial intelligence ensures better engineering judgement through data analytics and data structuring. The ability of computers to process data through algorithms reveals patterns expected but unseen by the human eye.

How AI will affect the engineering field

“Digital technologies and artificial intelligence will become more closely integrated with all aspects of the traditional engineering sectors. Therefore, engineers who can expand and develop their expertise in this area beyond their current knowledge base will be in very high demand” – Mark Matters, Senior Vice President Roevin

At Roevin, we take the optimist’s view of AI in engineering — engineers will continue to be an important part of the workforce as AI becomes pervasive. While certain routine types of work will become redundant with the increase in automation, there are new jobs being created all the time! With the increasing use of AI, there will be an increased need for engineers to research, create and test AI systems. It means a dramatic change to job descriptions and required skill sets, but not the loss of engineers.

There is no debating that AI will have a significant impact on the future of engineering. The successful way forward will definitely include collaboration with AI to advance the engineering field.

For more information on the impact of AI in the field, or to start your career in artificial intelligence engineering, contact Roevin today!


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