Permanent placement

Hiring a permanent employee means writing an enticing job description, getting the word out, screening resumes, interviewing candidates,and onboarding. All while keeping up with your job. Why not ask us for help? We have the experience and the time to get the job done fast.

We find the best candidates, even if they're not looking

We find the best candidates, even if they're not looking

In addition to sourcing available candidates in our extensive database, we leverage our industry network and direct recruiting techniques to identify and solicit candidates who are currently employed with your competition. Our direct recruitment consultants are specially trained to locate, interview, and select the best possible candidates to meet your needs.

Get the right person for the job

There's a process for finding you the best permanent candidates. Here's how it works:

Let's start with you

Tell us about the role and about your culture. We'll customize a hiring profile for you and find candidates to match.

On to interviews

From telephone pre-screens to behavioural interviews, we make sure our interview questions are tailored to the role at hand — and make sure to consider skills and work habits. And then you meet only the best talent.

Check, please

We check references and conduct a customized job-fit, skills analysis through our Xpert testing system, and even a personality assessment.

Workforce solutions — for more sizable staffing needs

Need multiple people? In multiple locations? You've got options.

Master Vendor Program

As your primary staffing vendor, we give you the support you need to make requisitions and placements more manageable.

See the benefits

Master Vendor Program+

It’s the Master Vendor Program plus the visibility, metrics and reporting you need to track every step of the hiring process.

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