Advantages of hiring a contractor

Make the right choice when making your next hire.


Looking to bring on your next team member? Why not consider contract staffing?

It gives you added flexibility and raises productivity. It ensures you get the right people, in the right positions, right away. And it's the most efficient way to enhance your workforce and close skill gaps. you’ll want to ensure that you are hiring the person who has the right skill set, experience and attitude for your business.

Hire a contractor if:

You require someone right now.

One call to Roevin — or submitting an online order form — kicks off a proven process that will deliver screened and pre-qualified candidates for your consideration in 24 to 48 hours, with onboarding in as little as 72.

The work is highly specialized or is short-term.

When you need someone with a specific skill set and expertise level, but not for the long term, a contractor is an excellent alternative. You pay for the experience you need, while you need it, without having to expend the assets to attract the right candidate.

You need a stopgap.

Maybe you want to hold a spot for the return of a permanent employee who is on one-year maternity leave or indefinite sick leave. Or maybe you have to wait for the next budget cycle before hiring permanent staff. Whatever the reason, hiring a contractor gives you the time you need to see your plan in place.

Your employees need help navigating through change.

An experienced and highly skilled contractor can be a change agent in a company: sharing knowledge about processes and technologies being introduced to the staff; mentoring newer employees; or, coaching seasoned personnel who are ready to take on more responsibility.

You want someone who will hit the ground running.

Contractors are experienced, so you are able to put them to work immediately. Because we handle recruiting, training or onboarding, you can expect a smooth transition into the workplace.

They can be released easily and quickly when no longer needed.

Contractors can be hired with a single call and can be released to move on to their next assignment when they are no longer needed. This can come in handy when managing staff for special projects or seasonal employment.

You can take top talent for a test drive.

There's nothing like actually seeing someone in action. With a temp-to-hire arrangement, you really get the full experience. You can see, first-hand, if our contract employees have the right skills to do the job and the right personalities to be happy on your team. Then you can decide if you want to commit to a permanent offer.

Contract staffing saves you time and money.

Contractors perform work for your business, but do not actually work for you. They usually work on a temporary basis, and are paid by us, which means you aren't obligated to give benefits and perks. And if space is tight at your workplace, you can rely on our experienced contractors to be productive and efficient while working remotely.

If you are looking to staff up for a special project with a skilled contractor, or try out a talented candidate for your permanent workforce, we can help. Contact us to learn how.

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