Prevention to ensure safety

The COVID-19 situation is evolving daily. Considering the increasing number of cases nationally, Canadians are considered to be at high risk. Because of this, we are assessing if anyone who works for our organization — or someone they have been in contact with — has recently traveled to any country deemed high risk and identified as such by the Public Health Agency of Canada, to be able to take appropriate measures, limit exposure and encourage suggested quarantine timelines. This is now a screening that has become part of our pre-placement process to ensure we’ve assessed potential exposure.

Wash hands frequently

We remain committed to providing the flexibility and tools for individuals to work remotely in order to maximize social distancing protocols. In addition, we require anyone experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 to stay/work from home. We are also actively encouraging those with members of their household who are experiencing symptoms to take extra precautions.

Every one of our offices have received guidelines that outline how to prevent contracting viral illnesses and the resources to enforce hygiene protocols for everyone who enters. Our offices are equipped with an adequate and continuous supply of products so they can perform routine environmental cleaning and engage in frequent hand hygiene.

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Pandemic management

Pandemic plan

Response Teams: We have regional response teams in place, who are working jointly with the Adecco Group’s North American Steering Committee to closely follow the pandemic developments to ensure we continue to implement the proper measures and proactively keep our valued clients, candidates and colleagues safe and healthy.

Pandemic Plan: Knowing that we live in an ever-changing world, we created a Pandemic Plan a that is designed to respond to crises just like COVID-19. Our plan triggers specific actions as the pandemic reaches different stages, with the goal that our clients’ operations and business remain productive and unimpacted, so our talent can keep working.

For any additional information, please contact your local branch.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We understand that as our client and associate, you probably have many questions. Please download one of our FAQs for quick access to the answers you need:

FAQs for associates

FAQs for clients

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